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Easy Summer | 22 inches=$99 !

Easy Summer | Unlock $100 OFF

Easy Summer | 22 inches=$99 !

Easy Summer | Unlock $100 OFF

Easy Summer | 22 inches=$99 !

Easy Summer | Unlock $100 OFF

Easy Summer | 22 inches=$99 !

Easy Summer | Unlock $100 OFF

Easy Summer | 22 inches=$99 !

Easy Summer | Unlock $100 OFF

Easy Summer | 22 inches=$99 !

Easy Summer | Unlock $100 OFF

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What you should to know about buying wigs?

How to buy wigs? We generally choose the wig from the quality, color, matching with our own face shape, and try our best to choose the wig with the same color as our own hair! This article details what you should pay attention to when buying a wig.


There are two common types of wigs: human hair and synthetic hair. Synthetic hair is easy to knot, rough, not hot dye. The price is very cheap.

Human hair wig is 100% virgin human hair. It can not have gone through any kind of chemical processing. It has not been exposed to any kind of harsh agents and the cuticles all still have to be intact and running the same direction. Human hair is more expensive than synthetic hair.

Synthetic hair: easy to knot, rough

Human hair: long life, wash, blow, cut, dye and perm

If you wear it for a long time, it is recommended to choose a real human hair.


Lace Front Body Wave Human Hair Wig

According to curvy human hair, a wig can be divided into different types, such as curly Hair body wave , water wave and so on. Because everyone's face shape is different, you can trim it after you buy a wig. You can get a hairdresser to do the hair that suits you!


Wigs come in a variety of colors. When buying a wig to cover, should choose the color that closes with oneself hair, such even if be original hair to show accidentally also won't because of color different and be discovered.

Some other tips: 

For white skin, opt for light brown or coffee, which are softer tones that will give you a ruder complexion. Slant black skin needs to choose a few natural black, deep orange hair color, can make the face looks more beautiful.


Everyone has a different sized head and it’s important to find a wig that is comfortable. Choose a wig that fits properly, or it will cause scalp discomfort. You need to measure your own head size to make the purchase.


  1. Must maintain the cleanness that wig covers, the dirt in the air and other contaminant make the color and luster degree of the wig and pliable degree are affected easily.
  2. A wig is a worn season, winter summer chooses a wig to should distinguish somewhat, after all, false sends out outside having a beautiful effect, still have warmth preservation. The effect, if summer wears a longer thicker wig, inconvenience scalp platoon sweat, conversely, winter wears shorter offering ao bao wig also is not easy to warm, indoor activity attends class, outdoor activity may head can feel colder.
  1. Wear hairpiece occasion, the formal occasion must choose color and luster to compare the price to be close to normal person hair, look so more grave, other occasions, can choose according to oneself be fond of.
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